New Life in the Middle East

by Carole Lorefield

new life


We have been married for 5 years and Mike works for an oil company, we are both in our early thirties’.  During the last few months he had been told of a job in the Middle East that would be great for him. Also we had both wanted to experience other countries and cultures. We looked at the information we could find and the only thing that was a little worrying was the strict dress code for women. These, from what we could find out, were that I would have to always wear long black dresses that covered me from neck to ankle, sleeves covering to the wrist and, when I went outside, I would have to also wear a burka. This did concern me a little but if needed, I would manage it for the time we were there.

Mike applied for the job and a few weeks late he received a letter stating he had been offered it and we would both need to attend an interview.  We both went to the interview and I was taken into a room by a very nice woman wearing a long black dress.  She explained that the dress she was wearing was what I would be required to wear every day as European style clothing, trousers etc. were banned in her country.  She asked me if I wished to try a dress and burka as well that would be a requirement when outside of the house.  Of course I said yes and removed my blouse and skirt. She handed me a dress and unzipped it. I slid it up my body and she zipped the back up. I noticed that it was very loose fitting and was baggy around my upper body but had a high tight collar; also it was very long and brushed the ground at my feet. She explained that it was the requirement that women appeared to be shapeless and totally covered even from their husbands.  Next she handed me what looked like a blue sack. It was the burka and she explained how it would totally cover me and had a grille at eye level for me to see out, but no one could see in. I placed it over my head and immediately realised that this was not going to be easy. Looking through the very fine mesh of the grille I was nearly blind and I was struggling to breathe as it was a little tighter than I had imagined.  She instructed me to walk around and slowly I grew accustomed to the very limited vision. My thoughts were that for the time I would spend outside I could manage this, but I would miss my blouses, skirts etc. I removed the burka and dress, put on my blouse and skirt and was taken to another room to wait for Mike. About an hour passed before Mike appeared. He had been offered the job and they were happy with me so he had been offered and accepted a five year contact. I thought ‘oh five years. Well, hopefully, I’ll manage’!!!

We had a month before we were to leave for our new life and that quickly passed. I was excited but at the same time very nervous as my life was about to totally change.  The morning of our departure I decided to dress very carefully, black bra and dark black tights, ankle length plain black dress. I knew once we arrived at our destination I would be made to wear a burka, but not the local style dress immediately.  As we boarded the plane I was told that I would be supplied a burka during the flight and I must wear it on leaving the plane and we both must go to immigration immediately on arriving.  The flight took five hours and about twenty minutes from landing an air hostess asked me to follow her. I did and she supplied me with a black burka and said I must put it on now and not remove it for any reason until I was in immigration. I pulled it over my head and body and soon realised that this one had even less vision than the one I had tried on at the interview. With great care I walked down the aisle and back to my seat. I could just make out Mike looking at me. This was the first time he had seen me in a burka, I think he smiled as he said “You look wonderful”. Just as the plane landed I was told to stand up and to my shock the hostess lifted my burka, grabbed my wrists and cuffed them behind my back. Mike protested and was told it was required until I was processed, whatever that meant. If only I’d known.


We were escorted to a room in the immigration office and Mike asked what was going on. He was told that I was to be processed and correctly attired in accordance with their strict female dress code laws and it was lucky we were married ‘because if we weren’t I would not be permitted to enter the country’. He said he knew nothing about this and was not happy. He was informed that if he wished to cancel his contract he could, but I was contracted to the state for five years. Mike asked what that meant and was told that his contract also involved me and I was now owned by the state. The official added that all female immigrants who came with male workers were treated this way, and if he had read his contract he would have known this. I looked at him through the burka grille and wondered what was going to happen to us, especially to me. I heard the immigration officer say that I was to be processed as a Level One and would remain this way for the duration of my stay. ‘Level One?’ Is that good or bad I wondered, I had no way of knowing. The immigration officer took Mike to another room to explain the rules and restrictions while another came across to me and started to explain them to me. 

He began “Well Mrs Lorefield here are the restrictions and dress requirements for Level One”

* You will be permanently hooded. The hood will be leather and will be shrunk so it fits snugly. Pepper pot eye holes will permit limited vision.

* You will be fitted with a gag to ensure total voice modesty. Removal for a maximum of one hour per day to eat and drink will be permitted.

* Your waist will be corseted at all times. Within three months your waist measurement must be no greater than eighteen inches.

* Total arm modesty is a further requirement. To achieve this you will be fitted with a leather armbinder to hold your arms behind your back.

* You will wear only the state approved black dresses.

* You will be required to wear a state approved burka whenever you are outside your house.

These are your requirements and will be fitted to you today. To permit correct fitting of the hood your head will be shaven and a cream applied to keep your head free of hair.

I started to cry and wondered what I was going to do. He then explained that if Mike broke his contract I would straight away be raised to level four or higher. I thought “Level Four. How much worse would that be?” He explained that Level Four was very strict and would also be used if I, or Mike, broke any of the countries laws. He briefly explained that Level Four included eye modesty, which he said would leave me totally blind. Hearing modesty that meant all sound was eliminated leaving you deaf. The wearing of a punishment dress that hobbled the wearers legs forcing them to take small steps, and shoes with eight inch tall heels that forced the wearer onto her toes. He added that at a Judge’s discretion other items could be added as well. I cried some more and just wanted out but knew I was stuck here. Mike returned and looked very worried. He knew what was going to happen to me but he could do nothing about it as the contract was watertight.

I was taken away to another room and I saw two women in burkas. The men left and the women removed their burkas. Under them they wore loose fitting black dresses and both were wearing leather hoods with lots of small holes around the eyes but neither was gagged.  They came across to me and said that I was lucky that I was only going to be a Level One and released my wrists and removed the burka. I was told to remove all my clothes and was then taken across to a chair and asked to sit in it. I did as instructed and the two women began to explain what was going to happen. They told me they had to shave my head as the hood would not be removed for the period of the contract. The hood would then be put in place, the corset tightened about my body and my arms would then be confined by the armbinder. I would then be fitted into a dress before the voice modesty was ensured with the use of a gag, and finally I would be draped in a burka. I looked at them and wondered what it was going to be like and I was terrified. A strap was pulled tight around my chest fastening me to the chair and the two women began to remove my long black hair, I cried again as it all fell away. Finally they shaved it totally bald and then applied a cream to my scalp and told me that the cream stopped all hair growth until another cream was applied to reverse the reaction. One of the women showed me the hood that I would be wearing and it looked horrific. As I had been told, it was leather and had very small holes around the eyes, two holes at the nose and a larger hole at the mouth and appeared to lace at the rear. The hood was placed into a dish of water. The woman told me that dry the hood was already smaller than my head but wetting it made is slightly larger and then it shrunk onto my head as it dried, I screamed to myself at this thought. One of the women lifted the hood out of the water and came across to where I sat. I was told not to fight them as it would only make matters worse. One woman held my head as the other pulled the hood down over my face and under my chin. Once they had it in the correct position they started to pull hard on the laces. I could feel it getting very tight on my head and I could only just make out the room through the small eye holes. They finished tightening the laces and once tied I heard them being cut and I was informed that the laces had now been sealed and if, on inspection by the control police, were found to have been tampered with I would be charged and moved to Level Four. I started to panic as I felt the hood begin drying and the pressure increase.

I was unstrapped and assisted to stand up. I could just make out that one of the women was carrying something, which I guessed to be the corset. I had never worn or tried a corset before and had no idea what to expect but, from what I had read, guessed it was going to be uncomfortable. I felt one of the women place the corset around my torso and fasten the busk at the front. It felt like the corset covered me from my breasts down to my hips. I heard one women say my current waist was twenty-four inches and I needed to be laced to twenty or twenty-one inches today and reminded that I needed to attain eighteen inches within three months. I panicked at this, knowing that was a lot and it was going to be painful. My wrists were tied to a bar over my head and slowly raised until I was hanging with my toes barely touching the floor, then they began to tighten the corset. I heard them say 23, 22 21.5 21 then 20.5, at which point they decided that was as small as they could achieve for now. I could hardly breathe as they released my wrists. 

Next was the one item I had no idea about and definitely did not want - the armbinder. One of the women forced my arms behind my back while the other slid some sort of leather sleeve over both of them. One of them placed a couple of straps over my shoulders and across my chest. After this they began to tighten the thing. This was very very painful as my arms were forced together and my elbows touched. I heard one say “Wow she’s good. Never had anyone manage do this first time”. Again they tied the laces off and sealed them, saying that they were the same as the hood. Straps were fixed around my body and arms, making it impossible for me to move my arms and pulling them hard against my back. My shoulders already ached and the pain was very uncomfortable.  Next they placed some very thick woollen tights on my legs and then showed me the dress. I could just make out that it had no sleeves, did not need them as my arms are useless. It also had a very high collar and looked tight around the legs. They eased me into the dress, zipped up the rear and tightened the collar by what I guess was a strap of some kind making, it hard for me to move my head.  I was right, the skirt part was tight, but did not restrict me too much; I had a skirt at home similar. The final item they placed on me was the gag. Again I did not want this. I was told it was called a butterfly gag and would fill both my mouth and cheeks. They inserted the gag and pumped it up until I felt it fill my mouth and press my cheeks against the already very tight hood. There was no way I could say anything and less chance of spitting it out. I was going to be silent except for one hour per day for the next five years. The blue burka was pulled over my head and this cut my vision down even more, I could just make out shapes but not much else. I heard Mike come back in and say “Oh my god. What have they done to you?” I heard one of the immigration men say that I was now a Level One and must stay this way. Mike was permitted to remove the gag for one hour per day but the hood and armbinder were never be removed and a maid would come daily to remove and refit my corset and dress. Mike was told it was his responsibility to make sure I wore my burka outside. It was emphasized that if anything was tampered with, or incorrect when the control police checked me, both of us would be punished, me to at least a Level Four. I had thought Level Four was the highest, but maybe not. That was it. I was totally restrained for the next five years, hooded, no arms, no voice and very limited vision. We left for our house.


Over the next few months I slowly got used to the hood and gag but the armbinder was not as easy as I missed using my arms and was totally helpless.  I had also made the compulsory eighteen inch waist that they had set me and I have been checked over thirty times by the control police. I have been out on many occasions and I’m now used to the limited vision I have, but not having arms and speech is really hard when out. While I was out one day my worst nightmare eventuated. I was stopped by the control police and inspected. They told me I was in violation of the burka law and was arrested. I was escorted to the local restraint prison where my burka was removed and a full length leather sack was placed over me and strapped tight.  I panicked not knowing what I had done wrong. I was wearing my burka but he said I was in violation. After about an hour lying on the floor I was picked up and the sack was removed. I saw a security guard come towards me with what I thought were shackles. He placed a heavy steel collar around my neck, another around my waist and two around my ankles. He then chained my ankles close together and added chains to my waist and neck but these were short and I had to stoop a little.  I was dragged to what I guessed was a court where a Judge told me that I was wearing the wrong colour burka now as I was now classed as a ‘yearling’ having been in the country for twelve months so should be wearing a brown not blue burka and I was sentenced to be immediately downgraded to a Level Six. I could not reply as I was still gagged and just cried in my hood. I was then told Mike had been arrested and was sentenced to ten days in a punishment cell. The Judge explained this involved him being hooded as I was and placed in a straitjacket then a leather body bag and suspended by his ankles and weighted. This sounded really bad but I was to discover I had worse to come as a Level Six.

I was taken to a cell were I was told what my punishment would be as a Level Six. The guard told me the following

For the next twelve months you will:

* Be placed into a full body latex punishment suit.

* Wear a corset that will further reduce your waist to sixteen inches.

* Wear a locked on chastity belt with front plug.

* Over the leather hood you will wear a latex punishment hood permitting only 5% vision

* Wear a hobble leather dress that permits a maximum stride of three inches.

* Wear ‘en-Pointe’ ballet heel shoes with eight inch heels.

* Report to the restraint prison once a week where you will be placed into a full body cage and hung outside for that day no matter what the weather.

* None of these items will be removed for the length of your sentence and when that time has expired you will be returned to Level Four for the rest of your time here. This time has now been extended to ten years.

I screamed and cried into my gag and hood and just wanted to run but I could not. I knew I was in really big trouble now and it may never end. I was taken to a cell where I was stripped naked except for the hood and gag. My body was squeezed into a latex catsuit that had an opening at my crotch. The catsuit was very tight and I felt very warm and uncomfortable straight away. Next was my new corset. This covered me from the breasts to just above the hips and was laced to the prescribed sixteen inches. Then the chastity belt with front plug inserted into me, locked and the keys removed. The belt was very tight and so embarrassing. My new footwear was next. I felt my toes being forced into the narrow toe box and the shoes locked on. No way would I be walking far in these.  The punishment hood was pulled over the leather one and I was basically blind. I could just make out shapes but no detail, so I would not be able to move by myself. Then they placed the hobble dress on me and this was laced as tight as they could get it and limited me to very very small steps. Everything was locked onto me and they kept the keys so I was stuck in this for as long as they wanted.  That was it for my punishment clothing.  I was then told as Mike was in prison for ten days and had no-one to look after me I was to be caged for that period. I was screaming loudly and getting very hot under all this. I was dragged to another area where I was placed into a body cage which was locked around me. I was then carried outside and hung like a piece of meat on the prison wall. I stayed there for the ten days, only fed once a day, and then Mike collected me from the prison. He was told that nothing could be removed and my contract was now ten years and he would be deported after he finished his five years. When we got home we both cried and I heard Mike say he would fight it all, but I knew it was no good. I was now the sole property on the state.

Days and weeks went by. I was caged once a week and nothing was ever removed. I got used to the tightness of everything and not having any vision or touch but it was hard and I managed to master the ballet heels. The twelve months were nearly up and I was instructed to attend the restriction prison with Mike a week from now. We arrived as instructed. The walk from the car to the Judge’s room, with no vision and the three inch steps I had long since become accustomed, was long and slow. We entered the room and I was immediately taken to a cell where the hood, footwear and hobble dress were removed. Great I thought. I can see again, but after a year in those heels my feet did not like being on the flat again.  I was then taken to see the Judge. He said that I was to be removed to a cell and I would be placed into Level Four restrictions and I was now totally sole property of the state and that I was required to live in one of the slave’s quarters and work within the state palace as required. I tried to shout out but I was still gagged. Mike objected and was told that his contract had been terminated and he would be deported later that week. I looked at him knowing we would never be together again and cried as they dragged me away.

Thanks to Nye North for proof reading

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